I got to spend some quality time at the Rock Girl photo shoot today. I know. Tough gig. Look for the new pics of your 2007 KISW Rock Girls on KISW.com very soon!

This is normally where STP would write a witty quip about this weeks BJ Shea Morning Experience and how you can get the show in the On Demand section on KISW.com. He didn't.

The basic laws of physics state that for every action there is a reaction. The force of motion from punching a wall, for instance, will cause either the wall to cave in, or the hand to break. In other words, if you take the action of downloading this podcast you're certain to react with an explosive case of gastritis. Download here at your own risk.

World. Ricker.

Remember your mom telling you "you'll go blind if you sit too close to the TV." (Or if you keep doing "that") or "If you cross your eyes they will stick." Well turns out mom was full of it. On this PodDamnit we explore the Old Wives tales. Plus Seattle's own Ann Wilson from Heart. Enjoy.

Ben The Psycho Muppet

KISW Metal Shop presents Sounds of the Underground at the Portland Expo Center. Check out Gwar, Shadows Fall, Chimaira and more! Tickets go on sale Saturday, but you can get them early if you click here. Rockaholic pre-sale is on now until 10pm. Look at Kevin and Steve smile.

It's a musical based on the Mel Brooks classic. Catch at the Paramount August 4th. Get your tickets before the rest of the world here. The Rockaholic Pre-sale runs now through Saturday at 10pm while supplies last. Use the password KISW.

Go here and score a copy of "Hannibal Rising" on DVD.
As Chevy Chase said in Caddy Shack, "Thank you very little."

Be well,
Ryan Castle

Ps. THE PAIN is back….No idea what I'm talking about? Check your Rockaholic Transmission next Thursday for details.

KISW's 99 Nights of Summer
Here's where you can find KISW out on the streets of Seattle cranking out the tunes and giving away KISW swag and cool prizes. Stop by for your chance to meet the Rock Girls, hangout with the KISW jocks!

May 31: 99 Nights of Summer at Pacific Place
The KISW Wrecking Crew will be hangin' out at Pacific Place from 6-7 PM for a free screening of the film Knocked Up. Stop by the table to score some awesome KISW swag!

June 1: 99 Nights of Summer at Ivar's Clambake
Join the Wrecking Crew for an Ivar's Clamebake while you watch your very own Mariners take on the Rangers on Friday June 1st. Stop by the KISW canopy to score tickets to Static X or Nick Swardson!

June 2: 99 Nights of Summer at Circle K
Rock Girls Jenny and Miranda will be at Circle K in Monroe from 3-5 PM on Saturday June 2. Stop by for your chance to win a Miller Jeep! While you are here ask how you can score an Apocalypto DVD or tickets to Necrophagist!

June 2: 99 Nights of Summer at Lynnwood Cycle Barn
Rock Girls Jessica and Nikki will be at Lynnwood Cycle Barn, 17222 Highway 99, from 11-1PM on Saturday June 2. There will be a free BBQ to grub on while you check out stunt rider Jason Britton perform all kinds of rad tricks! Stop by the KISW canopyto score tickets to Static X or Hannibal Rising on DVD.

June 3: Static X at The Showbox
KISW Wrecking Crew will be at The Showbox on Sunday June 3 for Static X. Doors open at 7:30 PM for this All Ages Show. Tickets cost $22 ADV/ $25 DOS and are available through Ticketmaster.

June 5: Bikini Happy Hour Contest at The Factory
Join Topshelf at The Factory, 5602 S Washington St. Tacoma, from 6-8PM on Tuesday June 5 for the Bikini Happy Hour Contest. Stop by and ask the Wrecking Crew to hook you up with Streve Vai or Candlebox tickets as well as Coming to Americaon DVD!

June 6: Rock Girls at Quil Ceda Creek Casino
Join Rock Girls Nikki and Miranda at Quil Ceda Creek Casino in Tulalip from 7-9 PM on Wednesday June 6. While you are here enter to win your very own Miller Jeep. Stop by the table for your chance to score tickets to Rush or Everett Explosion as wellas your very own copy of Coming to America on DVD.

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